Business Law Practice

Turul Law is focused on helping you start, maintain, and grow your business as a trusted advisor in the areas of corporate, commercial, labour, and employment law.


Including, but not limited to:

  • Business Incorporations and Registrations;

  • Corporate Governance and Entity Management;

  • Mergers and Acquisitions;

  • Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution;
  • Due Diligence and Auditing;

  • Corporate Social Responsibility;

  • Contract Drafting and Management;

  • Select Administrative Boards and Tribunal Representation;

Flexible and Variable Rates

Turul Law understands that resources can be scarce, even at the best of times. As a result, flexible pricing is just one way we are increasing access to justice.


While the traditional hourly rate may be appropriate in most cases, we also offer:

  • Partial-Scope Retainers;

    • To only be tasked for a single step, process, or project that is part of a much larger and complex issue. 

  • Tiered-Hourly Rates;

    • This is charging different rates based on the task, including the use of non-lawyers where appropriate. ​

  • Flat-Rate Services;

    • This is a fixed fee being charged for a set ​service.

  • Partial Contingency Rates;

    • A certain fee arrangement is agreed upon for set work, and a further amount is only awarded if a preferred outcome occurs. 

  • Legal Coaching Services

    • Some guidance is provided to better understand law and processes given, always contingent on further due diligence. ​

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