Turul Law is focused on being a legal guide for you and your small business issues.  

A Turul is a mythical bird that appeared as a guide to various nomadic tribes in Hungarian folklore. It is the symbolism of being a guide that drives us here at Turul. Being a guide means being a trusted advisor. 

Small businesses, and the entrepreneurs themselves, face legal issues whether they want to or not. Turul Law hopes to make the law more accessible so that starting, maintaining, and growing a business is all the less daunting. 

Whether you need a full-service approach to your business, or just a little help along the entrepreneurial journey, Turul Law is there to assist. Whether it be through the traditional hourly rate, tiered rates, flat-rates, or other arrangement appropriate for the circumstances, Turul Law aims to be a flexible law firm that caters to you.


Milan Seres, J.D, EMBA

Founding Counsel

Milan started Turul Law as a law firm focused on doing things a little differently. Whether this be using alternative billing arrangements, creating packaged services, or simply trying out new ways to service clients through other simple, cost-effective, and convenient ways, Milan wants to change expectations on how legal support can be provided. 

When Milan is not practicing law, you can find him riding his motorcycle, playing a variety of sports, writing, or working on his latest passion project.